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For all the times we spend together
all the laughs we've had
you'd think we'd be like sisters
but we never really had
i guess that's just the way you are
so i dont need you
so see you later

cuz' im over you!

                                            11 letters, two words, one meaning.


she moves her body like
a cyclone and she makes
me wanna do it all night
long goin hard when they turn
the spot lights on cuz she
moves her body like a cyclone

a mighty cyclone


       but they've got planes and    trains and cars
i'd walk to you if i had no other way

why doesn't he see he's the
only one i think about at night?
the one i always smile about
and is always on my mind? why
doesn't he get i cry about him &+
need him more than anything?

just why?


boys are like public bathrooms. the good ones are taken and the rest are just disgusting

you’re funnie && you always make me smile.
i love you so much. why don't you

love me back?
without love
life is rock & roll
without a drummer

shes gotta do what shes gotta do
and i've gotta like it or not. shes
got dreams to big for this town and
shes gotta give it a shot.whatever
they are. and i gotta be strong.

-ready, set, don't go. billy ray cyrus
A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "That was awesome!"


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